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hearTv Audio Transmitter creates its own audio Wi-Fi Hotspot with no internet connection required. Connect the SkyFit hearTV Audio Transmitters to the desired TV’s audio output and guests are able to stream live audio to their smartphones.  Free hearTV App from iTunes or Google Store.
  • No expensive cabling or intermediary transmission devises necessary.

  • Wirelessly scalable from one TV to multiple TV’s, simple ad additional hearTV transmitters at each device.Each transmitter will provide Wi-Fi service to 20 users or unlimited on multicast.

  • For more capacity add an optional Access Point or hook up to your Internet Wi-Fi router.

  • Available with Analog or optional Digital Toslink connections.

  • Customized Network and TV Naming.

  • No Internet Required.

  • No Monthly Fees.

  • Promote a full workout as members aren’t tethered to a piece of cardio equipment to hear the TV

  • No expensive receivers or headphone jacks to replace.


Perfect for the Cardio Fitness Area, Strength, Training or Stretching Area, Virtual Fitness on Demand, Open Room Cycling, Group X, Lounge or Juice Bar or anywhere you want to communicate with your guests from a TV or audio source.

hearTV Pro

hearTV Pro is recommended for commercial installation with audio source behind TV. It includes 1 audio input, creates its own wi-fi, supports unlimited simultaneous users, and you can connect an unlimited number of hearTV Pro or Pro 8X units together. 

SFHTV1WF Pro Wi-Fi Audio Transmitter 1 required per TV or tuner box

SFDAA Digital to Analog Audio Converter  required for TV’s without analog audio output

hearTV Pro 8X

Recommended for rack-mount commercial installation. It includes 8 audio inputs, creates its own Wi-Fi, supports simultaneous users, and you can connect an unlimited number of hearTV Pro or Pro 8X units together. 

Headend Systems

Permanent solution for converting digital signal from any cable company to analog for use on all fitness equipment.

Multi-Channel Systems Rack Mounted in 71” Height Open Equipment Rail Chassis with 19’LED Monitor.

12 - 24 TV Channel Offering of Network, Local and Premium Channels.

Professional Card Chassis Fixed Tuner Modulators, Power Panels, Combiners & Splitter, Amplifier & Cables.

Basic Installation hook-up, Terminated Cable Feed.

5 Year Manufacturer Hardware Warrantee